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Information about Regaliz Densita Hair Growth Serum (90ml Each)

Regaliz Densita Hair Growth Serum is an advanced hair growth therapy formulation, primarily used to stimulate hair growth and to stop hair fall. It is beneficial in treating male pattern baldness, hair thinning, and excessive hair fall. It works by increasing hair follicle strength and by re-activating hair growth cycle. It contains a powerful formulation that effectively restricts hair fall by strengthening hair follicle and prevents breakage.

Key Benefits:
• Assists in re-generation of hair growth cycle and prevents any further hair fall
• Maximizes hair follicle strength and augments hair roots anchoring
• Repairs rapid and intense hair fall. Its beneficial formulation ensures that follicle strength is maintained at its optimum levels and this further ensures that hair fall is minimized and eliminated
• Slows down the ageing process of hair
• Used to treat issues related to hair thinning and hair weakness

Densita Hair Growth Serum

  • Directions For Use:
    • Apply directly on the affected scalp area
    • Using your fingertip, spread the solution evenly on your scalp and massage gently
    • Not to be rinsed, let it dry
    • Use regularly for best results
    • Use a minimum for 3 months for visible results

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