THM's weight management programme is the most comprehensive fitness module, designed & supervised by Dr. Shreya, a certified & experienced Nutritionist.

Extensively researched, meticulously formulated & professionally executed, Headmasters weight management programme is like a BIBLE for the entire fitness industry of India. And all it takes is 2-3 hours a week. Our weight loss programmes are based on the guidelines of WHO, i.e. upto 4 kgs weight loss per month. Our proven "Mega Energy fatloss therapy", is an in-depth, comprehensive and effective method of shedding the excess fat. It duplicates the way the body does it through exercise, cutting down the body-fat, not just water but Weightloss. Most hightech machines available in the region for slimming and body contouring like Cryo lipo, Cryo laser, Lipo Cavitation, R/F and Many more.